Why Video?

Why Video? John L. Scott agents must be video-ready to:

  • Address new social behaviors
  • Compete in the virtual landscape
  • Increase personal brand likability
  • Achieve results, results, results!

The Results

What results does video yield?

  • Optimized engagement
  • Increased traffic
  • Search engine optimization
  • Lead generation & conversion

Did you know?

Video satisfies multiple research needs for house hunters. According to the Google and NAR Homeshopper Study, the top uses of video amongst homeshoppers are as follows:

Community Spotlights
Listing Tours
Market Information


Building or expanding your video content calendar? Here’s some ideas for boosting your calendar to its fullest potential!

  • Showcase your likability and personalize your brand with an Agent Success Story. With so many relying on video to inform their buying and selling decisions, a personalized agent video should be a part of your video strategy. When remarkeitng, these videos also allow you to stay top-of-mind with your relationship database using the most identifiable part of your brand: you! Check out the example below from John L. Scott’s Marvin Yamada.

    Ready to create your Agent Success Story? Get started here.

  • Host a buyer or seller virtual seminar! Record your seminar and Boost it for optimal brand exposure, attracting your community’s buyers and sellers with real estate guidance. Below is an invitation that was posted by John L. Scott’s The Castro Team on social media inviting their sphere to a “How to Become a Homeowner” Seminar.

  • Attract sellers to an area or showcase your hyper-local savvy to that region’s buyers with Community Spotlight videos! In fact, 86% of homeshoppers use video to learn more about a specific community. John L. Scott is continuously adding to our selection. Find your area’s video here.

  • Staying connected doesn’t stop with market stats and vocabulary. Help your community with their ongoing housing projects! From renovation wisdom to DIY, providing valuable content will surely help you build trust with prospects and clients! Check out this example from John L. Scott’s Ally Bosak.

  • Listing Video Tour: Listing videos provide an overview of the homes and properties you’re selling. An exciting and engaging video is more likely than not to pique buyer interest. In fact, homes listed with video receive 4X the inquiries and 70% of homeshoppers use video to tour a home. Boost data shows that videos of listings outperform still image equivalents by measure of click-through rate (CTR), receiving over double the CTR on average.

    Need help creating a video? Get started here.

    Video-Upgrade Tour: No video? No problem! Video-Upgrade ads through Automated Boost allow you to instantly create a listing motion graphic. You will receive the same engagement as a video ad without the hassle of video production, all while reaching thousands of buyers! Check out the example below. To learn how to create your Video-Upgrade Ad, please view the tutorial here.

    Virtual Open House: Achieve optimal home exposure by boosting a video recording of your virtual open house! Need help with Virtual Open Houses? Check out this John L. Scott VOH resource page. Check out this example from John L. Scott’s Tamera Camp!

  • Attract sellers to a neighborhood with Lifestyle videos! With 86% of homeshoppers using video to learn more about a specific community, lifestyle videos are a great way to show a “day in the life.” Check out this example of Bothell living from John L. Scott’s Ally Bosak. Ready to create a lifestyle video? Get started here.

  • Personal Market Update: Provide a personalized market update to your community! Doing a video like this once per month will help boost yourself as the Hyper-Local Residential Expert and allow you to nurture and earn life-long relationships. In fact, 54% of homeshoppers use video to obtain general market information. Check out this example from John L. Scott’s Josh Hall!

    JLS Housing Update: You can also easily share a market update with your community with John L. Scott’s housing update motion graphic! This will keep your relationship database and others in your area informed of housing conditions, allowing you to stay top-of-mind and strengthen your relationships.

  • Share Real Estate Tips – think Buyer and Seller 101. This will attract first-time and even repeat buyer and sellers. It will also remind your relationship database of your real estate savvy! Check out this example from John L. Scott’s Eric Borja. Eric created a “Real Estate Word of the Day” series, covering a variety of important real estate terms!

  • Showcase your brand in the best light with Realtor® Spotlight videos! John L. Scott will help you highlight your brand to engage leads and retain client relationships! Check out this example from John L. Scott’s T.C. Hyatt. Interested in creating your Realtor Spotlight? Get started here.

  • Attract buyers to another area with relocation videos! Boost targeting works perfectly with this style of video, allowing you to target buyers from all around the globe.

  • Stay connected with your community’s buyers and sellers year-round with seasonal message videos! Check out this “Happy Holidays” example from John L. Scott’s Ally Bosak:

  • Let your expertise speak for itself with video testimonials! From your website to Boost, testimonial videos should be at the forefront of your video marketing strategy.

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