New to Boost? Here’s everything you need to know to get started! We’ve broken our training into short segments in this comprehensive video tutorial. You’ll learn about accessing the dashboard, creating and editing ads, targeting and reporting!

Want to revisit a specific topic? Sign-up for a training webinar or check out the individual training segments below.


Boost 101

New to Boost? Learn all of the basics of the Automated Boost by HomeSpotter program. You’ll even receive a live demo!

Best Practices

Ready to move beyond Boost 101? Learn about Boost’s best practices – ad engagement, optimized exposure, and more!

Brand Building

Want to build your brand? Learn how you can use John L. Scott Boost’s Agent Promotion Campaign to build your personal brand online.¬†

Admin 101

Are you a Boost Admin? Get all the info and training you need to provide full Automated Boost by HomeSpotter support.

Training Segments

Create & Edit Ads

Audience Targeting

Generating Reports