Boost Ads

Boost offers a variety of advertising capabilities to suit your agent and listing digital promotion needs, including: digital farming, lead engagement, lead generation and client retention. We’ve got you covered with:

  • Digital listing and agent ads
  • High-exposure online placements
  • Expert audience targeting
  • Real industry-leading results
John L. Scott Boost


Whether your listing is new on the market or you’re looking to expand your personal market presence, there’s an ad for you!

    Listing Ads

    Showcase your listing in the best light to the best-suited buyers with Listing Ads! Whether your listing is new on the market or has been active for weeks, these ads are an excellent tool for attracting the right buyers.

      Agent Ads

      Agent Ads allow you to build your brand and community relationships - no listings required! Farm your hyper-local community and stay top-of-mind with your relationship database.


      Connect with virtually 100% of buyers and sellers with Boost’s placements. Boost ads ensure you and your listings are promoted on the most highly trafficked and engaging ad platforms. With Boost, you’ll have the option to launch your ad to Facebook, Instagram, and across the web on sites like HGTV, The New York Times, and more. You can also choose to add Nextdoor as a placement! More information on the benefits of adding Nextdoor here.



      With a combination of artificial intelligence, geo-targeting and database remarketing, Boost’s expert targeting serves your ad to those most interested in your listing and agent promotions. These capabilities allow you to digitally farm, nurture leads, retain clients and more!

      Artificial Intelligence

      Boost creates a unique audience for each listing using artificial intelligence (A.I.). A.I. allows Boost to serve your ad to buyers interested in your specific listing based on a variety of factors including price, number of bedrooms, and many other unique property attributes.

      Boost also targets based on location* to ensure we’re showing your ad to those in the best-fit region. For Listing Ads, this could be a radius around the property, a neighboring zip code, or even the county or state next door! Through Agent Ads, you can target a specific address or zip code to digitally farm your community.
      Database Remarketing
      Through Agent Ads, you can remarket to those in your relationship database by uploading a custom list of contacts. This targeting method allows you to stay top-of-mind, retain clients, and secure repeat and referral business.


      Achieve industry-leading results with Boost! Boost ads consistently achieve above-average clicks and generated leads.

      On average, our click-through rates are 10% for video ads and 5% for still image ads! The industry average is only 0.99% on social and 1.08% on other sites across the web. As for lead generation, Boost gated landing pages yield an average 15% conversion rate. The industry average is 10.68%.